Sunday Afternoon East Coast Beer Tasting

Since the East Coast is known for its kitchen parties, it’s no wonder the breweries out there are putting out some interesting stuff. While visiting in Nova Scotia, I picked up a couple bottles that the LCBO doesn’t carry and had a little Sunday afternoon beer tasting with my brother, Brett, and a couple Halifax-brewed beers.

Up first: Tilford’s Nit-Wit Belgian-Style Wheat

As the winner of Garrison Brewery’s Ultimate Brew-Off in 2010, Maritime homebrewer Scott Tilford had his creation, a Belgian-inspired white, made and bottled in a full batch by the brewery. Pale yellow colour and huge head on it, with lacing on the sides of the glass, as you can see in the photo. Banana on the nose and palate, followed by hits of coriander and other spices and citrus. I thought it would be great with summery salads. Brett found it a bit sweet for his liking and I’d agree that if you had more than one pint in a sitting, the sweetness could be cloying.


Up next: Propeller IPA (India Pale Ale)

I’ve seen Propeller Brewing Company’s ESB (Extra Special Bitter) around Toronto, but not this IPA. My brother’s a bit of a hop-head and warned that it would be hoppy, but I actually found it nicely balanced. After the sweetness of the wheat beer, this was refreshing on a hot summer afternoon. It’s a great classic IPA, hoppy without going overboard. I ran into the kitchen for some jalapeno dip and chips to go with it — perfection!


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