About Us

We’re Jessica and Lauren, co-founders of Pour Tout, and we’re on a mission to change the way you look at beer and wine. It’s our goal to give 20- and 30-somethings a greater appreciation for these versatile beverages. We understand that even dipping a toe into the world of sommeliers can be intimidating––we’ve been there! We’ve been among the youngest in the room at tasting events or education sessions; we’ve second-guessed our own taste-buds based on ‘expert’ recommendations; we’ve felt daunted standing in the liquor store aisles, bombarded with options, and made choices based less on flavour or product knowledge and more on habit, price, or flashy advertising.

This is why we have pursued an education in the industry that many women our age do not have – Jessica holds an International Sommelier Guild Wine Fundamentals Level 2 Certificate and Lauren is a Level 1 Prud’homme Beer Sommelier. We want to pass on our knowledge through fun, practical and interactive beer and wine tasting events and give others the tools to appreciate these beverages on your own terms. We want to show you how to find the flavours in these drinks, figure out what you like, and match them with food to create your own fabulous dinner parties and get-togethers.

We want to help you navigate the amazing offerings that are brewed and fermented every day right in your own backyard using local ingredients. We want our peers to realize that it doesn’t take much time – or money! – to fully enjoy all the incredible flavours beers and wines have to offer, just a little know-how. We want to instil in our peers an appreciation and respect for alcoholic beverages that goes beyond simply knocking back a few drinks on a Friday night. As our name implies, everyone is invited to learn and try something new – at Pour Tout, we pour all, for all!


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